The name abbreviation platform for cold outreach

Catch your prospect's attention and book more meetings while saving $$$ on Clay/OpenAI credits by creatively incorporating an unlimited amount of prospect's nicknames, abbreviated company names, and other spintax personalization variables in your outbound messaging.

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TidyName is the the secret ingredient for your outbound messaging.

  • Without TidyName:

    ❌ Lower open rates

    ❌ Lower response rates

    ❌ Fewer booked meetings

    ❌ Impersonal messages

  • With TidyName:

    ✅ Boost open rates

    ✅ Increase reponse rates

    ✅ Book more meetings

    ✅ Highly personalized outbound messaging

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    Build your outreach list
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    Validate contact data
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    Upload list to TidyName
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    Upload cleaned TidyName data to your cold outreach platform

Upload Your Contacts

One-click upload via CSV (and auto-importing from your favorite tools is coming soon!)

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Abbreviate Company Names

By leveraging AI and dozens of abbreviation workflows, we remove junk words and properly abbreviate company names so they're more readable and personalized in your cold outreach efforts. 

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Add Nicknames and Snippets

Add a attention-catching line with the prospect's nickname in your outbound messaging. Create a new first name variable for each step in your cold outreach cadence to increase personalization levels. 

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Export, Then Book Calls

Use your cleaned data as variables in your outreach campaigns and watch your response and meeting rates go up with your new personalization secret. Export via CSV (and automatically add all your teammates and export to your favorite outreach tools coming soon!)

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Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Starter

    100 Free credits on us every month. 1 row = 1 credit. Nice and easy!
  • Unlimited

    Infinite credits for your prospecting needs. This pricing is the lifetime rate for our Early Access users. The Unlimited monthly subscription is increasing to $49 / month soon.

What People Say

  • "TidyName is a game-changer for outbound campaigns. We've seen higher engagement and conversion rates thanks to its ability to connect with prospects on a personal level. Highly recommended!"

    Emily K. - Business Development
  • "I was skeptical at first, but TidyName exceeded my expectations. It's a game-changer for personalizing our messaging. Our prospects appreciate the extra effort, and it's made a significant impact on our campaigns."

    Sarah P. - Head of Sales
  • "As a startup, making a memorable first impression is vital. TidyName has helped us achieve just that. It's user-friendly, and it's unlocked the door to more conversations."

    Sarah H. - Founder


Stand Out From The Crowd

Make prospects smile with your cold outreach 😃

No credit card required
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